We Accelerate Business Growth

At Turnkey Capital we take a hands-on approach to craft a customized program to accelerate business growth and maximize success across our portfolio companies. We leverage an efficient, innovative, and sophisticated approach to identify key missing ingredients and become an extension of our portfolio companies to fill the gaps. This allows greater focus on customer expansion, core operational process improvements and enhancing profitability.

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Turnkey Capital

With a passion to build and decades of experience we set out on a journey to do what we do best. Recognizing that in current economic conditions there was an influx of under-valued assets that were looking for a highway to success, we identified key markets and opportunities where we could utilize our talents to build value. We commit knowledge, resources and our expansive networks across all disciplines to become partners with our portfolio companies.


Building Value in Under-Valued Assets

Our diverse portfolio of under-valued assets was selected based on the potential growth trajectory and the speed at which we could deliver value. Our portfolio companies represent the high-growth industries of real estate, renewable energy, healthcare and water.


Egg Health
Hub, Inc.

Egg Health Hub is a health services company designed to give providers an innovative infrastructure solution to deliver health and wellness services. The Egg Health Hub is a new model that brings together top physicians and wellness professionals into co-practicing communities with shared access to a full-stack technology platform.

Renewable Energy

Affordable Solar Solutions, Inc.

Affordable Solar Solutions is a solar photovoltaic (PV) design and installation firm currently providing services in the Southeast region of the U.S. with plans of nationwide expansion. The Company has built a comprehensive solar solution that provides residential and commercial clients with a mechanism to reduce carbon footprint while simultaneously cutting monthly electrical expenses.

Real Estate

Pine Ridge
Estates, Inc.

Pine Ridge Estates is a real estate asset located in Georgia that is zoned and engineered for a planned community. The development project originated to address the state’s housing shortage.

natural water

Natural Water Resources, Inc.

Natural Water Resources is a water asset management company focused on investing in water assets that ensure water supply and quality. The Company’s current project is located in the Southeast region of the U.S. and involves acquiring natural water sources to supply bottled water to the region.


Providing Missing Ingredients to Maximize Success

Our team of experts spans multiple disciplines and has decades of corporate building and restructuring expertise with careers as entrepreneurs, corporate officers, board members, financiers, and operators. Meet our executive management team:

Neil Swartz, CPA

Chief Executive Officer

Leads the company’s overall strategy, investments and operations.

  • Expertise: Entrepreneurial and capital recruitment, financing, deal structuring, exit strategy assignment, sales, marketing and operations
  • Executive Management Positions Held: Chairman, CEO, Founder,President, Director
  • Education: CPA, Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University in Accountancy

Alan Tucker


Leads the company’s business development, sales, marketing, and operations.

  • Expertise: Start-up and entrepreneurial business strategy, organizational leadership, business development, micro-cap market, real estate transactions, global contract negotiations
  • Executive Management Positions Held: CEO, President, Founder and Director
  • Education: University of South Florida, Engineering; United States Air Force

Timothy Hart, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Leads the company’s finance and compliance.

  • Expertise: Financing, accounting, auditing, SEC and other regulatory matters, mergers and acquisitions, deal structuring, business development
  • Executive Management Positions Held: CEO, CFO, Founder and Director
  • Education: CPA, Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, Economics and Business Administration from Thomas More College.


Investor Relations

Turnkey Capital, Inc. is a publicly-traded company with its shares traded on the OTCQB Marketplace under the symbol “TKCI.” Turnkey is a full-reporting company with quarterly and annual filings of audited financial reports.

To be eligible to trade on the OTCQB, companies must be current in their reporting and undergo an annual verification and management certification process. Through the OTCQB we offer our investors transparency and confidence through audited reporting and disclosures. The OTCQB mandates that company profiles are kept current and that security details are verified with the company’s transfer agent of record. There is an annual management certification process to verify officers, directors, controlling shareholders and shares outstanding. All reporting and disclosures are made public via the OTC Disclosure and News Service and there is transparent pricing for investors through a full depth of book with Real-Time Level 2 quotes.

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