Why Turnkey Capital?

pagesidebarTurnkey Capital’s management team offers their decades of experience working with companies that have excellent business models, and experienced management teams, but need additional players in their lineup to cover all of the important positions.

Turnkey’s consulting partner, R3 Accounting, offers expert and experienced guidance building out financial infrastructure, finding capital for growth and expansion, and/or restructuring debt. We offer assistance with acquisitions, mergers, divesting to shareholder value, introducing client companies to capital or restructuring debt.

The Turnkey Capital Inc. consulting team provides vitally important protection for the client company through its “Guardrails” model, and access to resources needed to bridge the gap financially and operationally, so that maximum value can be created and sustained.

Turnkey Capital focuses on the financial foundation to further develop a company and improve enterprise value. This will allow the company management to solely focus on customer expansion, core operational process improvement, and enhancing profitability.

Turnkey Capital contributes critical financial and managerial support, as it analyzes and provides the capital needed for implementation of marketing and sales expansion programs, acquisitions and mergers.

Turnkey Capital’s use of GAAP Accounting through R3 Accounting, LLC, mitigates risk to stakeholders regarding negative events.