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Retail & Mixed-Use Development for the New Economy

Turnkey Capital Inc., (OTCQB: TKCI) (Turnkey) is a holding company that has 3 divisions:

  1. Asset Acquisition Division: acquires and sells wholesale real estate properties,
  2. Real Estate Brokerage: facilitates real estate transactions for Turnkey properties,and for clients,
  3. Mortgage and Loan Servicing Division: Turnkey Capital is putting together its own finance company to leverage the opportunity to create revenue from mortgages generated by its property sales.

The Company leverages the extensive real estate industry experience of its management team to bolster and support its growth. The principals of Turnkey have been involved in the ownership and management or served as management advisors for some of the most successful wholesale real estate investing and consulting companies in the country. They have a strong track record of completing accretive single-family home acquisitions and delivering high multiples of invested capital for equity investors, having successfully completed projects nationwide. Since Turnkey’s inception we have accomplished the following:

  • The acquisition of and rebranding of all the intellectual properties acquired from RBRE Realty,
  • Acquired a fully licensed Florida real estate brokerage and rebranded it Turnkey Home Buyers Real Estate,
  • Put together an experienced Asset Acquisition Division with 20 years of proven track record with double digit ROI,
  • Appointed President & CEO, Marc Carrido, who brings executive management experience leading multimillion dollar companies across diverse industries. Mr. Carrido has a long track record of building relationships with large banks and financial institutions.
  • Appointed Director of Business Development, Stephen DeCesare, who adds executive management experience. Mr. DeCesare brings long standing experience finding, funding, structuring large asset acquisitions.
  • Successfully entered into partnership with Odyssey Funding and Resolute Bank to provide preferred mortgage and financing services.