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Retail & Mixed-Use Development for the New Economy


Collarmele Partners is an experienced national and international retail and mixed-use development team with more than 100 years of combined experience in some of the largest malls and shopping venues in the industry. Their insight is born of real-world project engagement and successful execution, both in the US and Panama.

Managing all aspects of a project, from development and design to leasing and construction, to marketing and operations, the Collarmele team specializes in its ability to anticipate and respond to the high demands of the industry, while delivering fresh, relevant consumer experiences that are custom-tailored to meet specific project needs. Collarmele Partners streamlines the processes to effectively managing risk and saving both time and money.

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MediXall Group is a technology and innovation-driven organization purposefully designed and structured to bring effective change to the U.S. Healthcare Industry. We believe that our revolutionary approach will help drive much of the change we envision is needed in our healthcare system.

Egg Health Hub will engage MediXall Group, Inc. to provide Sales and Customer Service functions to healthcare providers. MediXall has been focused on building the MediXall Provider Network and has opened its “Early Adopter Program” for healthcare providers focused on delivering great patient experiences.

The MediXall Provider Network continues to gain significant traction in South Florida, and nationwide, with over 22,000 diagnostic imaging network members. With MediXall engaged to provide Sales functions, this affords Egg Health Hub the opportunity to become the preferred resource of office space and ancillary wellness services to healthcare providers that participate in its provider network.

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R3 Accounting has been responsible for keeping many of Florida’s most important companies (public or private) and individuals fiscally compliant and financially solid for several decades. R3 brings its full force to work for Collarmele Holdings, Inc. especially in the following areas: Strategic planning alternatives, budgeting, forecasting and modeling, financial and accounting process improvement, internal control review, testing, documentation and recommendations for cost-effective improvement, determining appropriate accounting policies and procedures and documentation thereof, preparation for audits, financial, operational or governmental, research and documentation of positions surrounding technical accounting and tax issues, multi-jurisdictional tax matters, acquisitions and divestitures, US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings and compliance, raising capital from public and private sources including bank financing, computer data system evaluation, development, installation and/or conversion, finding qualified people, executive compensation, retirement and employee benefits research and analysis, CFO function.

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TBG Holdings Corp. has positioned itself as the Venture Capital For the
Masses™ because the company’s mission is to create early positions in very promising companies for investors who might not otherwise come across these opportunities.

TBG Holdings and its sister company, R3 Accounting, serve in a supervisory capacity to provide leadership, corporate funding for growth, financial infrastructure and back-office functions. The combined entity, TBG Holdings, offers a fusion of cognitive thinking, deal structuring, growth strategies, and capital recruitment.

TBG Holdings’s most notable recent healthcare company, MediXall Group, Inc., is a healthcare system that TBG developed and took public in 2016. It’s healthcare portal, MediXall.com, is revolutionizing the way healthcare is transacted by providing an online portal for healthcare procedures, standardizing pricing transparency in much the same manner as PriceLine.com did for the travel industry. MediXall Group also includes MediXall Finance Group, with a focus on financing healthcare procedures and healthcare business funding needs.
TBG Holdings will facilitate taking Collarmele Holdings, Inc. public.

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