About Us

pagesidebarTurnkey Capital’s vision is to serve our clients by providing the missing ingredients essential to success, by introducing an efficient, innovative, and sophisticated platform. We will advise and guide our clients with the highest quality professional services and teams that address their business issues and needs. We attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and strive to provide a collaborative culture that enables our clients to be successful and thrive.

Turnkey Capital builds value in early-stage and growth-stage companies by providing:

  • Capital for growth,
  • Strategic operational and management resources,
  • Financial infrastructure, and
  • Long-term corporate support.

By far, the most significant opportunity that has been presented to us has been a strategic alliance with Seminole Indian Company and Chief James E. Billie, former Chairman of the Seminole Tribe. This incredible relationship will enable TKCI to take advantage of the freedom from tax and regulatory burdens afforded by tribal sovereignty, to create revenue streams in multiple areas, thereby limiting the capital requirements and risk. Medical cannabis enterprises are some of the immediate opportunities waiting to be developed.

Turnkey Capital’s extensive management team and Advisory Board of seasoned corporate and financial executives bring their considerable resources to work on behalf of select progeny companies that have demonstrated strong potential, and create opportunities for both the company and its shareholders to benefit from more rapid growth.

Once a company has solid infrastructure and operations, and is producing revenues, we may consult with the officers to take it public or arrange for it to be acquired by another company.

Turnkey Capital Shareholders receive an interest in each of Turnkey’s portfolio companies,
PLUS the “First Look” opportunity to further invest in any of the companies the Shareholder prefers.


Turnkey Capital (TKCI) approaches venture-capital from a financial perspective, placing capital structure and shareholder relations as Key Imperatives. The core strength of Turnkey Capital is understanding and implementing the vital aspects required to grow and/or turnaround companies to place them on a path to profitability.

Turnkey Capital actively seeks out and engages companies that have missing ingredients within the financials of their company that restrict their ability to expand and create value for shareholders. Turnkey Capital and its key strategic partners provide the expertise and our access to capital needed to bridge the gap financially and operationally, so that maximum value can be created and sustained.

Turnkey Capital establishes value for company shareholders by securing an equity position in select companies – building a portfolio of undervalued companies that Turnkey Capital will endeavor to increase in value – thereby enabling TKCI shareholders to benefit from increased value alongside shareholders.

TKCI works to accelerate company development and success by offering financial and strategic resources.
TKCI plays an active role in developing the strategic direction of our client companies which include:

  • Defining short and long-term strategic goals;
  • Identifying and planning for the critical success factors to reach these goals;
  • Identifying and addressing the challenges and operational improvements required to achieve the critical success factors and, ultimately, the strategic goals.

Once a company begins generating revenues and is ready to expand operations we will spin off the holdings to TKCI shareholders and take the company public through an S1 distribution. Not only will TKCI shareholders receive direct ownership in the spinoff company, but will also have the opportunity to invest further at a discount.